Hello Empty Room

A whimsical tale about a lonely room that falls in love with its inhabitant


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“Hello Empty Room” is the title of a song that inspired me to write this magical realism tale. Although loneliness is one of the most feared feelings that we can experience, it also can be one of the most empowering ones. Beautiful things happen when you reconcile with your loneliness, and that's the idea behind this film. This is not only a story I'm excited to tell, but also a paramount piece for me that, with your support, will help me get closer to my goal of becoming a fantasy director.

Our story

Hello Empty Room is about a lonely room who demands the person living in her to find someone to fill her emptiness. Following the orders of the room, its inhabitant starts a whimsical journey in search of that one person who will make the room feel happy again. A magical tale that serves as a hyperbole to explore the concept of love and the void that loneliness can create. 

Pat Santana is the writer and director of this magical realism film. Born in Barcelona, Pat moved to LA six years ago and since then, she's been working hard to accomplish her goal of becoming a TV and film director.

With this film Pat is seeking to solidify her voice as a fantasy director. Financing is always the biggest obstacle that gets in the way for filmmakers –– specifically for women. She is kindly seeking for support, which can make a big difference in helping her career and for this film become a reality. 

As a Los McClung production, the other half of this film is producer Jesse McClung.  

You can find more info about us and our work here & here

What We Need

Your generous contributions will go towards:

  • Location (20%)

  • Art Department (30%)

  • Lighting and camera equipment (50%)


The impact

Women's bodies are often sexualized, promoting unrealistic beauty standards that are really damaging. This culture has contributed to harm women's self-image and, in some cases, their mental health. Unfortunately, teenage kids are by far the most vulnerable to this destructive influence.  Our hope for Hello Empty Room is that it contributes, even if just slightly, to counteract this culture by celebrating natural beauty. 

The film explores femininity in a way that promotes a body-positive message that includes all shapes, forms and genders. We are going to achieve that, not only in the way we visualize the story, but also through our cast.


Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone can contribute financially. But there are still ways to help us spread the word! Any help is greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed. You can:

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